Class summary for week 13 day 1

Now a days while on the internet you will constantly run into different scams and lies trying to take your private information via different methods. These methods may include your email, random adds, or the sites you use on the day to day basis. In today’s class we talked about ways to stay safe online or more specifically¬† encryption services and how it is used to keep you and your information safe in today’s internet.

Encryption is a method of keeping your data safe in which any sort of message you send is coded with a cipher key which will be different depending on which encryption service you are using. With this method any online thief show trying to check your data will have wont be able to because they wont be able to crack the encryption code most likely.

Encryption is used by not only your emails but companies like Amazon and Bank of America and Apps like Whats-app and Telegram. The best way to keep your identity safe while using internet services is awareness in what you do. This means using secure sites by trusted companies, using messaging services with encryption keys, ,not giving your information without being positive its going to the right place and being very careful with the files you download online as they may contain viruses or Trojans that can secretly take your information without your knowledge.

Another way that online thief’s try to take your information is cat fishing. In this method the thief comes to you posing as a person you know in real life trying to fish information out of you. A good way to figure out if these cat fish stories are fake is if you attempt to meet with the person they will always have an excuse for not being able to meet you in real life as that would blow the thief’s cover.

Also another important part of keeping safe on the internet is using complicated passwords that a hard to figure out and password managers so you can use different long passwords for every website without the danger of getting them mixed up and forgetting them.



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